Following are the most recent batch of spam, trogan, and virus alerts sent to my email filter. Be on the lookout for them and don’t fall for any of their schemes.

Your best protection is to keep your computer updated and keep your antivirus program running at all times.

Please keep in mind that all the links below lead not to the virus itself but to the alert.

I thought the eBay alert one was especially clever but a fraud attempt nonetheless.

Be careful out there and always practice safe computing.

Virus and Fraud Email Security Updates

Below are the fraud, trojan and virus alerts that were posted to the OnlyMyEmail Spam Blog during the last month.  Emails reported are chosen due to inbound volume and/or the frequency that end users are resending these emails to themselves, indicating they may mistakenly believe them to be legitimate.

Apple Store Order Notification Spam

Wells Fargo Online Fraud Prevention ? Spam ? Fraud

Critical security patch released! ? Spammed Virus

OnlyMyEmail Receives Highest Score Ever in the Virus Bulletin Spam Challenge

Action Required : Download New Acrobat PDF Reader For Your Windows – Spam

Message from eBay Member Regarding Item # ? Spam/Fraud

Your account has been locked ? TCF Spam

There are many additional posts on a wide variety of email topics.

Feel free to pass these links along to others that may benefit from these security warnings.