Back when I got my first Palm Pilot I loved the infra red application that let you ‘beam’ addresses and information to another PP user.

My Treo cell phone has the same application and I find it very convenient to simply beam my business card electronically into someone else’s cell phone.

Unfortunately there is a flaw in that application; both parties need to have infra red capability in their devices to make it work.

Not to worry, some smart people have came up with a solution. will email your electronic business card to anyone’s email account by simply sending their email address via a text message to Drop Card.

The account, like most of the new cool stuff, is free.

  1. Set up your drop card account with your contact information. (you can have both business and personal) and you can also include your firm, name, websites,blog, social networks, and most anything else you choose.
  2. To send it to someone just get their email address and text it to 41411 in this format: “drop [email protected] (that’s a space between “drop” and “name”, a real space, not an underline _)
  3. Drop Card will forward to their email account your contact information like this:
Jim Lee sent you this Dropcard. How did Jim do it?

Jim Lee
Knoxville, Tennessee RealtorCONTACT[email protected] (Primary) 8656795262 (Cell)
1-865-693-3232 (Work)
10255 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922
NETWORKS Active Rain
My Blog My Website

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I don’t see this totally replacing paper business cards anytime soon but it’s a very cool application, sure to impress AND get your contact information right where you want it; in the hands of a potential client.

How cool is that?