It’s Honda Hoot time once again in Knoxville, Tennessee as the 8th annual “Honda Hoot” gathering of an estimated 16,000 motorcyclists rolls in to Ktown.

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Bikes on display at Deal’s Gap, the beginning of the famed “Dragon’s Tail”, a 6 miles stretch of road with over 300 curves! Not surprisingly this road is very, very popular with the biker crowd.

The “Hoot” was originally for Honda owners primarily but it became very popular very quickly and expanded to include all types of motorcycles. Now you can see Ducatis, Kawasakis, Triumphs, Vespas, and most every other brand of bike ridden today at the Hoot.

Now lest you think “ugh, motorcycle rally, an orgy of beer drinking, reckless driving, and general rowdiness” don’t be concerned. The Honda Hoot crowd are mostly middle aged motorcycle enthusiasts who just love to ride their bikes and hang out; sort of a “born to be mild” crowd. The first official Hoot event is an ice cream social instead of a beer bust so the only danger there is increasing your weight. ;->

There’s all sorts of activities, rallies, rides, shows, and just hanging out with like minded people at the Knoxville based Hoot so strap on your helmet, fire up your bike, and come on down.

The Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation estimates this year’s entire event will have an economic impact of $23.1 million so Knoxville business owners like the Honda Hoot as do most everyone else in Knoxville.

The 4 day party will be capped off by a concert starring Wynonna Judd.