Now that Knoxville gas prices have passed the $3.50 a gallon mark, the huge increases are a frequent subject of conversation (not to mention other words not printable here ;-0).

One way to escape paying the higher gas prices is simply to walk more to destinations. Lots of parts of Knoxville are not particularly “walker friendly” but many are.

Besides being a very healthful exercise, walking is also a great way to get places, especially if they’re nearby. Besides the wonderful fresh air and exercise you get walking, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and others. I very rarely run into an unfriendly walker, most will wave to you, smile, and speak.

hiking in the great smoky mountains national park, a great walking activity

Don Anderson, one of my fellow Realtors, during a recent hike we enjoyed in the Great Smoky Mountains; hiking is a great walking activity.

Here’s a great website I located that lets you calculate your home or neighborhood’s “walk score“.

We moved last year from the Cedar Bluff Road area to the West Hills neighborhood. One reason we love our new West Hills home is because it’s so conveniently located to everything. According to we now live:

  • .71 miles from a grocery store
  • .22 miles from a restaurant (about 20 actually)
  • .23 miles from a coffee shop
  • .33 miles from Little Ricky’s Sports Bar
  • .80 miles from a movie theatre
  • .80 miles from West Town Mall
  • .31 miles from a school (Bearden Elementary & Middle)
  • 1.29 miles from a park (and it’s an easy walk or bike ride from our new West Hills home.)
  • .42 miles from a public library
  • .44 miles from a bookstore
  • .42 miles from a fitness center
  • .61 miles from a drug store (3)
  • .42 miles from a hardware store

That gives our new home a “walk score” of 66 out of a possible 100; good enough for me. Even if you don’t walk, it’s a super convenient (and economical) drive to any of the above mentioned places.

What’s your Knoxville or Farragut home’s walk score?

If you want to improve it by moving to a more “walking friendly” neighborhood, is a great place to start, no walking or driving involved. ;-)